Overlander Cider

Overlander Cider is the product of a 15 year friendship between the Neufeld brothers and Willms brothers.
The oldest, Luke and John, met at summer camp in 1998 and continued their friendship by driving back and forth between Niagara and KW.
The younger brothers, Mark and Charles, became part of this ever-growing long distance friendship. They all kept in touch throughout the years, even amidst life taking over.
John and Charles became crucial components in the evolution of their family’s award winning winery, while Luke and Mark supported their parents in their charitable organization in Africa.
This resulted in starting various business ventures, a major one involving Ugandan coffee production.

It was a lot of beverage experience between the four — a cider company waiting to happen.

In the fall of 2016, Luke and Mark began picking and sampling apples from their parents small heritage orchard, using the different variations to create batches of juice worthy of cider potential.
They would then drive the different juice blends to Niagara, where Johnny and Charles would extend the cider making process using
different fermentation techniques and juice varietals to achieve the taste profile they had in mind.

Many trips between Toronto, Niagara and Kitchener-Waterloo, days and days of apple picking, loads of fermenting patience, and with the help from some cider making gurus
– Overlander Cider was produced. 

We can proudly say that Overlander Cider is a delightfully dry cider while still maintaining an apple-flavour,
all the while resembling a wine spritzer fit for any occasion or season.


It’s about taking the road less travelled. It’s about using the tools you’ve been given and creating your own path. It’s about enjoying the journey, not just the destination.
Whether it is driving a truck filled with grapes or apples from the farm, a 4X4 through the forest on a camping trip, or a road trip with your pals to an unknown destination
– it really comes down to enjoying the journey and allowing yourself to discover your own paradise in the process.
We are all ‘Overlanders’, because at the end of the day… we’re all just trying to find ourselves.

Enjoy the journey,
Luke, Mark, Johnny and Charles.