NB Distillers


Founded in 2020, NB Distillers is genuinely a manifestation of true love. Love of people, diversity, culture and, lest we forget, a well-curated spirit.

A passion for exploring new places, our Founder has lived and worked in 5 different countries. With each new adventure, he wholeheartedly explores the local culture and all it has to offer. Supporting local businesses is one of his core values; this new venture is no exception. All ingredients, equipment and talent reflect a desire to support local businesses.

Charismatic and genuine, he passionately forges new relationships at every turn and is a valued member of the community. Always ready with a smile and a kind word, he attributes his success to an insatiable desire to embrace new experiences, people and ways of life.

A caring corporate citizen, we are actively involved in the community. Scholarship programs, product donations and food bank support are just a few of the ways we demonstrate our appreciation to our valued friends and neighbours.

At NB Distillers, we take pride in creating quality spirits. Unapologetically smooth in nature, they are designed to be savoured by even the most discerning enthusiasts. Enjoy them straight or as the heart of a hand-poured cocktail. Custom infusions and unique ingredients such as Aloe Vera water ensure there is something for everyone.

Know this – no matter your background, age or nationality, you are always welcome at our table.