Limited Distillery

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Upon relocating to the Niagara Region in 2009 from the Greater Toronto Area, Danny and I quickly became inspirited by Niagara’s vast agricultural, food and beverage culture. In 2013, while making a painstakingly slow trek through a winter storm to Blue Mountain, we began to reflect on the last four years living in the Niagara Region and how it has evolved our appreciation for quality food and beverage. During this conversation, Danny randomly blurted out his desire to one day open his very own ‘whiskery’ which would allow us to together do what we are both passionate about – crafting and creating spirits. With the snow not letting up and a lot of time ahead of us, a wishful comment sparked into a future defining conversation, directing the next five years of completely changing gears.

We built Limited Distilling as a place for us to explore, create and experiment with our recipe ideas and curiosities. We have furnished our distillery with a variety of equipment that will allow us to run it as a full on ‘spirit’ laboratory. Many spirit companies focus on producing a few or even a single type of alcohol that is often ‘neutral’ tasting. Limited Distilling will place emphasis on exploring a variety of products while embracing the uniqueness and characteristics of each batch. Our spirit runs will often be small allowing us to explore the use of different ingredients, both local and from around the world. We look forward to sharing with you our exciting variety of spirit creations.