An Apple a Day

From an early age many of us were served delicious chilled apple juice as a treat on a hot summer day. The sweet explosion continues in popularity featuring a more serious juice for adults. Hot on the heels of the craft beer craze, craft cider exploded into popularity as a favourite for beer lovers and a delicious option for non-beer drinkers alike. With the region’s agriculture, it’s no surprise that Niagara ciders have really taken off. Some of these cideries are created by local wine brands, such as Fielding Craft Cider and Small Talk Cider. These and others, including Ironwood Hard Cider, Niagara Cider Company, Shiny Cider, and Rood Apples have been putting Niagara on the map as a go-to stop for anyone searching for unique selections of craft cider.

Seasonal ciders are inspired by fresh local produce, keeping us connected to our community, drawing inspiration from fruits of the season, combining their fresh flavours and locally produced apples for a winning combination. Cider juice is pressed from the apples and left to ferment, then finished under pressure. That is why you will find an incredible number of diverse cider offerings being created by the Region’s award winning wineries. Niagara’s ciders come across like a brut and are moderately effervescent and tarte with a hint of sweetness.

Ciders pair beautifully in the summer during BBQ season with grilled meats and fish. In the Fall and Winter, root vegetables, roasts and soups often include cider in the recipes. A perfect reason to sample the many ciders Niagara has to offer.


Craft Cider Listings

Fielding Craft Cider

Aromatic and fruit-forward on the nose with concentrated notes of ripe apple, pear and cherry.

Location: 4020 Locust Lane, Beamsville, ON L0R 1B2, CanadaWebsite: (905) 563-0668
Ironwood Cider House Closed nowOpens at 11:00:AM tomorrow

Ironwood Cider House

Almost 10 years ago, Ironwood Cider started as an idea to bring genuine hard cider to Ontario

Location: 1425 Lakeshore Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0, CanadaWebsite: https://ironwoodcider.caPhone: (905) 468-1122

Overlander Cider

Overlander Cider is the product of a 15 year friendship between the Neufeld brothers and Willms

Location: 911 Lakeshore Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, CanadaWebsite:
Rood Apples Closed nowOpens at 11:00:AM tomorrow

Rood Apples

Location: 2170 Fourth Ave, Jordan Station, ON L0R 1S0, CanadaWebsite: (905) 562-0035
Shiny Apple Cider Closed nowOpens at 11:00:AM tomorrow

Shiny Apple Cider

Lambert Hunse purchased our property when he came to Canada from the Netherlands in 1954 along

Location: 1242 Irvine Rd, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0, CanadaWebsite: (905) 935-3535
Tawse Cider Closed nowOpens at 10:00:AM tomorrow

Tawse Cider

Situated on the lower slopes of the Niagara Escarpment, Tawse is a family-owned organic and

Location: 3955 Cherry Avenue, Vineland, ON L0R 2C0, CanadaWebsite: (905) 562-9500
Vieni Closed nowOpens at 10:00:AM tomorrow


"Vieni" means come or welcome in Italian and that is just how we want you to feel - welcomed and

Location: 4553 Fly Road, Beamsville, Ontario, CanadaWebsite: (905) 563-6521
Wild Ferment Cider Closed nowOpens at 11:00:AM tomorrow

Wild Ferment Cider

Southbrook Vineyards is the epitome and evolution of Bill Redelmeier's love story with wine, the

Location: 581 Niagara Stone Rd, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0, CanadaWebsite: (905) 641-2548
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